Matrimoni e ricevimenti di eccellenza in ville, castelli, dimore storiche

The halls

The Villa offers several spaces, both internal and external, different amongst them but equally beautiful and unique.

The Main halls names are: Halls of Roses (Sala delle Rose),  Hall of Queen Helen (Sala Regina Elena) and Hall of Mirrors (Sala degli Specchi). Furthermore, the Villa has other spaces: the Cellar, a place dedicated to appetizers, the ‘Orangerie’ Hall (Sala Orangerie), for cocktails and dancing, the Hall of the Fireplace (Sala del Camino) which is an independent area with a unique view on the surrounding Tuscan landscape.

Halls which create an unforgettable and magic athmospehere where more than 200 people can be hosted comfortably.

Wedding Tuscany Antica Fattoria Paterno

Wedding Tuscany Antica Fattoria Paterno

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Antica Fattoria Paterno